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New Img Availability Cat_no Description RRP (inc.VAT)
  B62100 avail B62100 Viking wearing Spangenhelm, Attacking with Axe £ 31.99
  B62101 oos B62101 Viking wearing Spangenhelm, Defending £ 31.99
  B62102 oos B62102 Viking wearing Chain Mail Shirt, Attacking with Sword £ 31.99
  B62103 oos B62103 Viking wearing Gjermundbu Helmet, Swinging Sword £ 31.99
  B62104 avail B62104 Viking Shield Wall Defender ?1 £ 31.99
  B62105 avail B62105 Viking Shield Wall Defender ?2 £ 31.99
  B62106 avail B62106 Viking Shield Wall Defender ?3 £ 31.99
  B62107 oos B62107 Viking Shield Wall Defender ?4 £ 31.99
  B62108 oos B62108 Saxon Warrior Defending ?1 £ 31.99
  B62109 oos B62109 Saxon Warrior Shield Wall Defender ?1 £ 31.99
  B62110 avail B62110 Saxon Warrior Shield Wall Defender ?2 £ 31.99
  B62111 avail B62111 Saxon Shield Wall Defender No. 3 (Alwin) £ 34.99
  B62112 avail B62112 Saxon Shield Wall Defender No. 4 (Daegal) £ 34.99
  B62113 avail B62113 Saxon Throwing Spear No. 1 (Eldwyn) £ 34.99
    avail B62114 Saxon Dead No.1 (Morton) £ 34.99
  B62115 avail B62115 ?The Contest Decided? Viking & Saxon Set No.1 2 Pc LE 350 £ 66.99
  B62116 avail B62116 Saxon Warrior Running with spear No.1 (Osgar) £ 34.99
  B62117 avail B62117 Saxon/Viking Warrior with Axe (Carl) £ 34.99
  B62118 avail B62118 Saxon Casualty Falling No.1 (Leofric) £ 34.99
  B62119 oos B62119 Viking Warrior Attacking Wearing Wolfskin No.1 (Augnarr) £ 35.99
  B62120 avail B62120 Saxon Pushing with Shield (Hereward) £ 35.99
  B62121 avail B62121 Viking Pushing with Shield (Gostav) £ 35.99
  B62122 avail B62122 ?Overwhelmed? Viking Striking Downed Saxon - 2 Piece Set £ 66.99
  B62123 § B62123 Saxon Archer No.1 Arrow Nocked (Recene) £ 35.99
  B62128 § B62128 Saxon Archer No.2 Arrow Loosed Osfirth £ 35.99
New B62129 § B62129 Saxon Archer No.3 Arrow Loosed (Scotend) £ 39.99
New B62130 § B62130 Saxon Advancing with Sword (Kenway) £ 39.99

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