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Purchase W.Britain Products from a Bachmann approved dealer

New Img Availability Cat_no Description RRP (inc.VAT)
  B17763 dis B17763 Alexander Hamilton, American Light Infantry Commander £ 28.99
  B18009 dis B18009 French Marquis de Lafayette on Foot £ 28.99
  B18011 dis B18011 General Rochambeau on Foot £ 28.99
  B18012 dis B18012 George Washington's Body Guard on Foot ?1 £ 28.99
  B18014 oos B18014 British 10th Foot Light Infantry Charging ?1 £ 26.99
  B18015 oos B18015 American Continental Line Flagbearer £ 33.99
  B18036 dis B18036 British Royal Irish Grenadier Charge Bayonet ?1 £ 26.99
  B18040 oos B18040 British 10th Foot Light Infantry Reaching for Cartridge ?1 £ 26.99
  B18042 avail B18042 British 10th Foot Light Infantry NCO ?1 £ 26.99
  B18045 oos B18045 Colonial Militia At Port Arms ?1 £ 26.99
  B18046 dis B18046 British Royal Irish Grenadier Standing Loading ?1 £ 26.99
  B18048 avail B18048 British 10th Light Infantry Advancing ?1 £ 26.99
  B18049 dis B18049 British Royal Irish King's Colour ?1 £ 35.99
  B18050 oos B18050 Colonial Militia Drummer ?1 £ 27.99
  B18054 oos B18054 Colonial Militia Flag-bearer ?2, Bedford Colours £ 35.99
  B18057 dis B18057 Colonial Militia At Port Arms ?2 £ 26.99
  B18061 oos B18061 Continental Infantry 1776 - 1777 Charging Flagbearer ?1 £ 36.99

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