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New Img Availability Cat_no Description RRP (inc.VAT)
  B44027 avail B44027 Highlander, 42nd (Black Watch) Highlanders, 1882 £ 20.99
  B44030 avail B44030 Grenadier Officer, 1st Foot Guards, 1685 £ 20.99
  B44037 dis B44037 Grenadier Guardsman with SA80, Present Day £ 20.99
  B44041 dis B44041 Private, 24th Foot at the Ready £ 20.99
  B44053 dis B44053 King's Troop Royal Horse Artillery Set £ 114.99
  B44061 oos B44061 King's 8th Regiment of Foot Officer 1812/Napoleonic Wars £ 21.99
  B44062 dis B44062 King's 8th Regiment of Foot Ensign & Colour 1812/Nap. Wars £ 29.99
    dis B47024 British 35th Regiment Grenadier At The Ready, 1754-1763 £ 21.99
    dis B47029 British 35th Regiment of Foot Fifer, 1754-1763 £ 21.99
  B47034 avail B47034 British 35th Regiment of Foot Officer Mounted - 2 Piece Set £ 46.99
  B47037 dis B47037 British 60th Regiment of Foot Officer Marching 1754-1763 £ 21.99
  B47048 dis B47048 British 60th Reg of Foot Grenadier Standing Firing 1854-1763 £ 21.99

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