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The wonderful world of W. Britain

W. Britain has been a leader in the metal toy soldier industry for over 120 years and continues to thrive. A great deal has changed since the first fully round hollow cast soldiers were produced in 1893, but the commitment to quality and authenticity remains.

W. Britain provides first-class figures of soldiers and people of historical significance, enabling modellers to create many an inspired scene. Both matte and gloss ranges are available and the figures incorporate highly detailed sculpting, shading and highlighting, resulting in truly extraordinary collectable models. Most major military campaigns and uniforms are covered, from the dramatic Napoleonic Wars to the military precision of the Welsh, Scots and Irish Guards of Buckingham Palace.

Grenadier Guard

Left: B23113 (from the WW1 Collection)
Right: B41067 (from the Ceremonial Collection)

WW1 Infantry
B62100 (from the Wrath of the Northmen Collection)